A New Family of Regularized Kernels for the Harmonic Oscillator


In this paper, a new two-parameter family of regularized kernels is introduced, suitable for applying high-order time stepping to N-body systems. These high-order kernels are derived by truncating a Taylor expansion of the non-regularized kernel about (r2 + 2), generating a sequence of increasingly more accurate kernels. This paper proves the validity of this two-parameter family of regularized kernels, constructs error estimates, and illustrates the benefits of using high-order kernels through numerical experiments.

DOI: 10.1007/s10915-016-0336-0

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@article{Ong2017ANF, title={A New Family of Regularized Kernels for the Harmonic Oscillator}, author={Benjamin W. Ong and Andrew J. Christlieb and Bryan D. Quaife}, journal={J. Sci. Comput.}, year={2017}, volume={71}, pages={1212-1237} }