A New Digital Map of Limits of Oceans and Seas Consistent with High-Resolution Global Shorelines

  title={A New Digital Map of Limits of Oceans and Seas Consistent with High-Resolution Global Shorelines},
  author={Damien Fourcy and Olivier Lorvelec},
ABSTRACT Fourcy, D. and Lorvelec, O., 2013. A new digital map of limits of oceans and seas consistent with high-resolution global shorelines. We present a vector map of the limits of oceans and seas intended to be integrated into a geographic information system (GIS). This map is based on the document S-23 titled “Limits of Oceans and Seas” and published by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO). The third edition of this document, published in 1953, still serves as an official… 

Historical Changes of ‘East Sea’ Names from the Maps of Japanese Foreign Ministry

As interest in the naming of the East Sea has increased since the UNCSGN held in 1992, research on the naming of the ‘East Sea’ has been conducted with various viewpoints, and a number of papers and

Recent literature in cartography and geographic information science

Ayat, B., Y. Yuksel, and B. Aydogan. 2013. “Black Sea Wave Energy Atlas from 13 Years Hindcasted Wave Data.” Renewable Energy: An International Journal 57: 436–447. Brosnan, K. A. 2013. “Napa Valley

Feasibility of a Worldwide Coastal Reference and Coding System Based on the IHO Ocean and Seas Definition

This article proposes a well-defined coastline in a structured GIS format that complies with the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) ocean and sea definitions.

Comparison of Hemispheric and Regional Sea Ice Extent and Area Trends from NOAA and NASA Passive Microwave-Derived Climate Records

Three passive microwave-based sea ice products archived at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) are compared: (1) the NASA Team (NT) algorithm product, (2) Bootstrap (BT) algorithm product,

Extreme sea levels under present and future climate: a pan-European database

Continental or global studies of coastal flood hazard in the context of climate change encounter several obstacles. The primary concern is the limited coverage of sea level data, especially the

Sea level reconstructions: Validation and value

The ability to see how sea level has changed from past states or to accurately project how it will change in the future is limited by historical sea level data. Tide gauge measurements have a long

Sea Currents and Waves for Optimal Route Planning with VISIR

The open-source model for marine-weather ship routing VISIR (visir-model.net) was designed in a modular way for easily modifying and adding functionalities. In particular, the impact of ocean

Ocean colour estimates of particulate organic carbon reservoirs in the global ocean – revisited

We have examined 16 years (1998–2013) of particulate organic carbon (POC) concentrations derived from remotely sensed ocean colour. POC concentrations vary spatially from more than 300 mg m−3 in the

Sea level trends in Southeast Asian seas

Abstract. Southeast Asian seas span the largest archipelago in the global ocean and provide a complex oceanic pathway connecting the Pacific and Indian oceans. The Southeast Asian sea regional sea

Methods for improving pan-European flood risk mapping

In the past decade, there has been growing interest in analysing flood hazard and risk on European scale. Such studies allow assessment of climate change impacts, can be used at EU-level policymaking



A global, self‐consistent, hierarchical, high‐resolution shoreline database

A high-resolution shoreline data set amalgamated from two databases in the public domain, which has undergone extensive processing and is free of internal inconsistencies such as erratic points and crossing segments is presented.

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IHO Sea Areas : Map . Oostende , België : Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee / Flanders Marine Institute ( VLIZ )

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