A New Deconstructive Logic: Linear Logic

  title={A New Deconstructive Logic: Linear Logic},
  author={Vincent Danos and Jean-Baptiste Joinet and Harold Schellinx},
  journal={J. Symb. Log.},
The main concern of this paper is the design of a noetherian and connuent normalization for LK 2 (that is, classical second order predicate logic presented as a sequent calculus). The method we present is powerful: since it allows us to recover as fragments formalisms as seemingly diierent as Girard's LC and Parigot's , FD ((10, 12, 29, 33]), delineates other viable systems as well, and gives means to extend the Krivine/Leivant paradigm of`programming-with-proofs' ((24, 25]) to classical logic… CONTINUE READING
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