A New Cryogenic Apparatus to Search for the Neutron Electric Dipole Moment

  title={A New Cryogenic Apparatus to Search for the Neutron Electric Dipole Moment},
  author={M. W. Ahmed and R. Alarcon and A. Aleksandrova and S. Baessler and L. Barr{\'o}n-Palos and L. Bartoszek and D. Beck and M. Behzadipour and I. Berkutov and J. Bessuille and Matej Blatnik and M. Broering and L. Broussard and M. Busch and R. Carr and V. Cianciolo and S. Clayton and M. D. Cooper and C. Crawford and S. A. Currie and C. Daurer and R. Dipert and K. Dow and D. Dutta and Y. Efremenko and C. B. Erickson and B. Filippone and N. Fomin and H. Gao and R. Golub and C. Gould and G. Greene and D. Haase and D. Hasell and A. Hawari and M. E. Hayden and A. Holley and R. J. Holt and P. Huffman and E. Ihloff and S. Imam and T. M. Ito and M. Karcz and J. Kelsey and D. P. Kendellen and Y. Kim and E. Korobkina and W. Korsch and S. Lamoreaux and J. Leggett and K. K. Leung and A. Lipman and C. Liu and J. Long and S. MacDonald and M. Makela and A. Matlashov and J. Maxwell and M. Mendenhall and H. O. Meyer and R. Milner and P. M{\"u}ller and N. Nouri and C. O'Shaughnessy and C. Osthelder and J. Peng and S. Penttila and N. Phan and B. Plaster and J. Ramsey and T. M. Rao and R. Redwine and A. Reid and A. Saftah and G. M. Seidel and I. Silvera and S. Slutsky and E. Smith and W. Snow and W. Sondheim and S. Sosothikul and T. Stanislaus and X. Sun and C. M. Swank and Z. Tang and R. T. Dinani and E. Tsentalovich and C. Vidal and W. Wei and C. White and S. Williamson and L. Yang and W. Yao and A. R. Young},
  journal={arXiv: Instrumentation and Detectors},
  • M. W. Ahmed, R. Alarcon, +91 authors A. R. Young
  • Published 2019
  • Physics
  • arXiv: Instrumentation and Detectors
  • A cryogenic apparatus is described that enables a new experiment, nEDM@SNS, with a major improvement in sensitivity compared to the existing limit in the search for a neutron Electric Dipole Moment (EDM). It uses superfluid $^4$He to produce a high density of Ultra-Cold Neutrons (UCN) which are contained in a suitably coated pair of measurement cells. The experiment, to be operated at the Spallation Neutron Source at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, uses polarized $^3$He from an Atomic Beam… CONTINUE READING
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