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A New Covert Channel over Cellular Voice Channel in Smartphones

  title={A New Covert Channel over Cellular Voice Channel in Smartphones},
  author={Bushra Aloraini and Daryl Johnson and B. Stackpole and Sumita Mishra},
Investigating network covert channels in smartphones has become increasingly important as smartphones have recently replaced the role of traditional computers. Smartphones are subject to traditional computer network covert channel techniques. Smartphones also introduce new sets of covert channel techniques as they add more capabilities and multiple network connections. This work presents a new network covert channel in smartphones. The research studies the ability to leak information from the… Expand
A Secured End to End Voice Transmission in Smartphone
An android-based application to transmit voice in a secure way between the end users is proposed based on modified RC4 and shows that the MOS of both tests is comparable and the encryption has not affect the quality of voice. Expand
Estimating intent-based covert channel bandwidth by time series decomposition analysis in Android platform
This paper proves the existence of intent-based covert storage channels by performing a cross-comparison between the API usage frequencies and analyzing the decomposition of the signals in the log records related to the intent broadcasting system. Expand
SmartLED: Smartphone-based covert channels leveraging the notification LED
SmartLED, a mechanism to build covert channels leveraging a widely available smartphone feature - its notification LED, is proposed, showing that the best performance is achieved in dark settings, and distance does not cause a great impact on effective transmission time and shorter blinks do not lead to substantially greater transmission errors. Expand
No Free Charge Theorem: A Covert Channel via USB Charging Cable on Mobile Devices
The presence of such stations is already prominent around public areas such as hotels, shopping malls, airports, gyms and museums, and is expected to significantly grow in the future, but there is no guarantee that the charging station is not maliciously controlled by an adversary, with the intention to exfiltrate data from the devices that are connected to it. Expand


Embedding High Capacity Covert Channels in Short Message Service (SMS)
It is shown that an intruder can bypass the existing security infrastructure of a sensitive organization and the primitive content filtering software at an SMS Center by exploiting zero day vulnerabilities in the Short Message Service (SMS) protocol that allow the embedding of high capacity covert channels. Expand
A Data Modem for GSM Voice Channel
A novel approach to data communication over the global system for mobile communications (GSM) voice channel based on the concept of ldquosymbolsrdquo-a set of predefined signals with finite bandwidths that enables data transfer over communication networks that do not have dedicated data channels. Expand
Hermes: data transmission over unknown voice channels
Hermes is presented, a point-to-point data connectivity solution that works by modulating data onto acoustic signals that are sent over a cellular voice call, while being severely constrained by the requirement that the resulting sound signals are voice-like, as far as the voice codecs are concerned. Expand
A Harmonic Approach to Data Transmission over GSM Voice Channel
An appropriate modem for the GSM full rate (FR) speech codec is proposed by mapping data onto the fundamental parameters related to formants in a speech-like waveform including phases, frequencies, energy of frame and pitch frequencies. Expand
An assessment of VoIP covert channel threats
  • Takehiro Takahashi, Wenke Lee
  • Computer Science
  • 2007 Third International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communications Networks and the Workshops - SecureComm 2007
  • 2007
This paper presents a model of VoIP covert channels that explains their main components and functions, and provides a performance evaluation framework, and demonstrates that covert channels represent an immediate threat to VoIP users. Expand
Alternatives for Multimedia Messaging System Steganography
The most widely known algorithms for steganography are presented and discussed, their application in a mobile environment is analyzed and a theoretical evaluation is given. Expand
Embedding Covert Channels into TCP/IP
By examining TCP/IP specifications and open source implementations, tests to detect the use of naive embedding are developed and reversible transforms that map block cipher output onto TCP ISNs are described, indistinguishable from those generated by Linux and OpenBSD. Expand
A practical approach to identifying storage and timing channels: twenty years later
  • R. Kemmerer
  • Computer Science
  • 18th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference, 2002. Proceedings.
  • 2002
A methodology for discovering storage and timing channels that can be used through all phases of the software life cycle to increase confidence that all channels have been identified is presented. Expand
Syntax and Semantics-Preserving Application-Layer Protocol Steganography
This paper describes the approach to application-layer protocol steganography, describing how to embed messages into a commonly used TCP/IP protocol and introduces the notions of syntax and semantics preservation, which ensure that messages after embedding still conform to the host protocol. Expand
New covert channels in HTTP: adding unwitting Web browsers to anonymity sets
A new protocol is described that allows us to create an anonymous overlay network by exploiting the web browsing activities of regular users and provides an anonymity set greater than the set of senders and receivers in a realistic threat model. Expand