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A New Concept of Development: Basic Tenets

  title={A New Concept of Development: Basic Tenets},
  author={François Perroux},
1. Concepts and Indicators 2. Theoretical Formulation 3. Policy and Strategies 4. Purpose and Values 

Learning from Dependency and World System Theory: Explaining Europe's Failure in the 'Lisbon Process'

The current paper investigates the cross-national relevance of Latin American 'dependencia theory' for five dimensions of development (democracy and human rights, environment, human development and

Putting a circular economy into practice in China

Promoting a circular economy has been identified as China’s basic national policy, according to the recently enacted 11th five-year plan for China’s economic and social development. Because of the

Environment, network interactions and innovation performance of industrial clusters

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to categorize industrial clusters, and then compare three industrial clusters of three countries from the perspectives of hard environment, soft environment,

Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Effects of Economic Integration

This chapter focuses on the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Kazakhstan. Since such ecosystems can be based on geographic location or connecting technologies, the authors consider, in

Transparency and Spending Review: A Model for Italian Healthcare

Transparency and spending review are two key items in the public policies of most Western countries. Though they are constantly perceived as targets to be pursued, little evidence is found of an

System Transition and Development Transformation

For more than three decades in the past, China has always carried out the reform with the economic construction as the focus and closely in line with economic development, provided new incentives and

Institutional aspects of the circular economy’s development in the sphere of water supply

The subject of the study is a circular economy, considered in connection to the urban water management complex from the standpoint of the prospects of re-use of water resources and sewage. The goal

Passive Globalization and the Failure of the European Union’s Lisbon Strategy, 2000-2010: Some New Cross-National Evidence

The current paper investigates the cross-national relevance of dependency theory and world systems theory for eight dimensions of development. The main emphasis is on indicators of sustainable

Factors favoring and impeding localism and strategies of regional development in Poland: An outline

Abstract The study contains a general analysis of the premises which are likely to influence local and regional strategies of development in Poland in the foreseeable future. Due to the domination of