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A New Codebook Design for Analog Beamforming in Millimeter-wave Communication

  title={A New Codebook Design for Analog Beamforming in Millimeter-wave Communication},
  author={Mehdi Ganji and Hongbin Cheng and Qi Zhan and Kee-Bong Song},
In this study, we analyze the codebook design used for analog beamforming. Analog beamforming and combining suffer from a subspace sampling limitation, that is, the receiver cannot directly observe the channel coefficients; instead, the receiver observes a noisy version of their weighted combination. To resolve this, the transmitter and the receiver usually collaborate to determine the best beamformer combiner pair during the beam-sweeping process. This is done by evaluating a limited number of… 

Beam Training Optimization in Millimeter-wave Systems under Beamwidth, Modulation and Coding Constraints

Simulation results reveal that the proposed approach outperforms existing techniques such as exhaustive and bisection search and the problem satisfies the optimal substructure property enabling the use of a backward dynamic programming approach to find the optimal solution with polynomial computational complexity.

Channel Reconstruction in Intelligent Surface aided Communications

This work proposes novel channel reconstruction schemes which do not require any active elements on the IRS panel and proposes an algorithm for subspace estimation and also provides a recipe for designing IRS pattern vectors that can be gainfully used during the training phase.

Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface: Design the Channel - a New Opportunity for Future Wireless Networks

Learning based Dynamic Codebook Selection for Analog Beamforming

A dynamic codebook selection scheme is proposed for beam sweeping at millimeter wave receiver and Q-learning method is used to learn a policy to dynamically select an appropriate codebook from a pre-defined codebook set in each beam sweeping period.



Hierarchical Codebook Design for Beamforming Training in Millimeter-Wave Communication

This paper devise an efficient hierarchical codebook by jointly exploiting sub-array and deactivation (turning-off) antenna processing techniques, where closed-form expressions are provided to generate the codebook.

Hybrid Precoding-Beamforming Design With Hadamard RF Codebook for mmWave Large-Scale MIMO Systems

It is shown that Hadamard transform can be used in RF beamsteering/beamcombining to achieve better performance in terms of average achievable spectral efficiency and low hardware cost using 1- or 2-b resolution APSs.

Codebook Design for Beam Alignment in Millimeter Wave Communication Systems

A new hierarchical codebook is proposed to achieve uniform BA performance with low overhead and a power allocation scheme used in different training stages to further improve the BA performance is proposed.

Channel Estimation and Hybrid Precoding for Millimeter Wave Cellular Systems

An adaptive algorithm to estimate the mmWave channel parameters that exploits the poor scattering nature of the channel is developed and a new hybrid analog/digital precoding algorithm is proposed that overcomes the hardware constraints on the analog-only beamforming, and approaches the performance of digital solutions.

Multi-stage beamforming codebook for 60GHz WPAN

A multi-stage codebook design and the realization architecture to support three stages BF can create different granularity of beam patterns and realize progressive searching and simulation results show that this design can divide the beam searching to three stages searching without increasing the system complexity.

Common Codebook Millimeter Wave Beam Design: Designing Beams for Both Sounding and Communication With Uniform Planar Arrays

This paper considers mmWave systems using uniform planar array (UPA) antennas, which effectively place more antennas on a 2-D grid, and designs a set of transmit beamformers generating beams adapted to the directional characteristics of mmWave links assuming a UPA and hybrid beamforming.

Spatially Sparse Precoding in Millimeter Wave MIMO Systems

This paper considers transmit precoding and receiver combining in mmWave systems with large antenna arrays and develops algorithms that accurately approximate optimal unconstrained precoders and combiners such that they can be implemented in low-cost RF hardware.

Analog Beamforming With Low Resolution Phase Shifters

In this letter, we consider analog beamforming using low resolution phase shifters for millimeter waves communications. We propose a hierarchical codebook design, where the beamforming vectors in the

Codebook design for hybrid beamforming in millimeter wave systems

A codebook design algorithm for the beamforming by considering the directional characteristic of mmWave links is proposed and shown that the proposed codebook outperforms previously reported codebooks for mmWave systems.

Codebook design for millimeter-wave channel estimation with hybrid precoding structure

Performance comparisons show that BMW-MS/CF outperforms the existing alternatives under the per-antenna power constraint, which is adopted due to the limited saturation power of mmWave power amplifier.