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A New Class of Non-Central Dirichlet Distributions

  title={A New Class of Non-Central Dirichlet Distributions},
  author={Carlo Orsi},
  • C. Orsi
  • Published 30 July 2021
  • Mathematics
In the present paper new light is shed on the non-central extensions of the Dirichlet distribution. Due to several probabilistic and inferential properties and to the easiness of parameter interpretation, the Dirichlet distribution proves the most well-known and widespread model on the unitary simplex. However, despite its many good features, such distribution is inadequate for modeling the data portions next to the vertices of the support due to the strictness of the limiting values of its… 

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On the conditional noncentral beta distribution

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    Statistica Neerlandica
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In this article, we study several properties such as marginal and conditional distributions, joint moments, and mixture representation of the bivariate generalization of the Kummer-Beta distribution.

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