A New Approach to Multi-criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Using the Fuzzy Binary Relation of the ELECTRE III Method and the Principles of the AHP Method

  title={A New Approach to Multi-criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Using the Fuzzy Binary Relation of the ELECTRE III Method and the Principles of the AHP Method},
  author={Laor Boongasame and Veera Boonjing},
  booktitle={Advances in Intelligent Information and Database Systems},
There are several methods for Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) such as multiple attribute utility theory (MAUT), the analytical hierarchy process (AHP), and Fuzzy AHP. However, these methods are compensatory optimization approaches for which bad score on some criteria can be compensated by excellent scores on other criteria. So, the Elimination and Choice Translating Reality III (ELECTRE III) was proposed to solve such problem. Nevertheless, thresholds determined by identified experts and… 

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