A New Analysis of Fireball Data from the Meteorite Observation and Recovery Project (MORP)

  title={A New Analysis of Fireball Data from the Meteorite Observation and Recovery Project (MORP)},
  author={Margaret Campbell-Brown and Alan Russell Hildebrand},
  journal={Earth, Moon, and Planets},
Sixty fireball cameras operated in Western Canada from 1971 to 1985. Over one thousand (1016) fireballs were recorded at more than one station, but only 367 were reduced, of which 285 have been published, including that of the Innisfree meteorite. Digitization of all the data is underway, and procedures are being developed which will allow the automatic reduction of events not previously examined. The results of the analysis of 80 fireballs reduced but not previously published are presented… 
Autenticación del meteorito arenoso AR-51 con técnicas físicas para su caracterización
Se evidencia la autenticación de la muestra meteoritica Ar-51, como un meteorito arenoso, proveniente de la región de Arequipa, Perú. Las técnicas empleadas para su estudio fueron uorescencia de


Evidence for the existence of groups of meteorite-producing asteroidal fragments
— The MORP camera network in western Canada observed 56 events which we associate with meteorites larger than 0.1 kg. An additional 33 Prairie Network (central USA) fireballs with published orbits
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Analysis of seismic signals from man-made impacts, moonquakes, and meteoroid impacts has established the presence of a lunar crust, approximately 60 km thick in the region of the Apollo seismic