A New Aesthetic in Indian Puppetry

  title={A New Aesthetic in Indian Puppetry},
  author={Theodora Skipitares},
  journal={PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art},
Many New Yorkers have fond memories of the Jim Henson International Puppet Festivals. They took place at the Public Theater (as well as a dozen other performing spaces) in New York every two years from 1992 to 2000 and brought over a hundred international groups to the U.S. They were powerful agents of change, revealing unexplored or new possibilities in the art of puppetry to many theatre artists like myself. I used to joke that I had received an advanced degree in puppetry from the Henson… Expand
A method of shadow puppet figure modeling and animation
This study proposes an algorithm to transform 3D human models to 2D puppet figures for shadow puppets, including automatic location of feature points, automatic segmentation of 3D models, automatic extraction of 2D contours, automatic clothes matching, and animation. Expand