A Network of Influential Friendships: The Fondation Pour Une Entraide Intellectuelle Européenne and East–West Cultural Dialogue, 1957–1991

  title={A Network of Influential Friendships: The Fondation Pour Une Entraide Intellectuelle Europ{\'e}enne and East–West Cultural Dialogue, 1957–1991},
  author={Nicolas Guilhot},
  • N. Guilhot
  • Published 25 November 2006
  • Sociology
  • Minerva
For 34 years, the Fondation pour une entraide intellectuelle européenne was involved in promoting cultural dialogue across the Iron Curtain. This article looks at its relations with the Congress for Cultural Freedom, its agenda, and its impact on intellectual debates. It also analyses the ideological evolution of this organization after the 1960s and its transformation as it merged into the Open Society Foundation created by philanthropist George Soros. 
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