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A Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning based Model for Automated Vehicle Diagnostics using Free-Text Customer Service Reports

  title={A Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning based Model for Automated Vehicle Diagnostics using Free-Text Customer Service Reports},
  author={Ali Khodadadi and Soroush Ghandiparsi and Chen-Nee Chuah},
Initial fault detection and diagnostics are imperative measures to improve the efficiency, safety, and stability of vehicle operation. In recent years, numerous studies have investigated data-driven approaches to improve the vehicle diagnostics process using available vehicle data. Moreover, data-driven methods are employed to enhance customer-service agent interactions. In this study, we demonstrate a machine learning pipeline to improve automated vehicle diagnostics. First, Natural Language… 


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Methods used to process the recorded free text data can help classify and direct the call to the correct channel of support tools and resources, and can achieve 85 percent accuracy in classifying the service calls.
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Empirical approaches to natural language processing corpus creation for data-intensive linguistics part-of-speech tagging alignment contextual word similarity computing similarity collocations statistical parsing authorship identificaiton and computational stylometry lexical knowledge acquisition.