A Natural High-lime Silicate Liquid more Basic than Basalt

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Documentation of a hydrous ultramafic magma intrusion in the 1.62 Ga crust of southern Sweden
Abstract Field relationships and petrology of a mid Proterozoic (1624±6 Ma) hornblendite from southwestern Sweden demonstrate that it originated as a mafic-ultramafic hydrous melt. Lobes and veins ofExpand
Picritic basalts from the Palaeocene lava field of west-central Skye, Scotland; evidence for parental magma compositions
Mineral chemistry and whole-rock compositional data are reported for two lavas of picritic basalt from the Palaeocene lava field of west-central Skye, Scotland. Whole-rock compositions for both flowsExpand
The structure and petrology of ultrabasic rocks in the southern part of the Cuillin Igneous Complex, Isle of Skye
The ultrabasic rocks of the southern portion of the Early Tertiary Cuillin Igneous Complex, Isle of Skye, are recognised as forming a Peridotite Series s.l. and have been separated into six distinctExpand
Mineralogy of a layered gabbro deformed during magmatic crystallizationo western Sierra Nevada foothills" California
In the 162 Ma Pine Hill intrusive complex of northern California, a synformal, layered pyroxenite-gabbro-diorite body, the crystallization sequence and compositional variation of cumulus andExpand
The Rhum Layered Complex, Inner Hebrides, Scotland
The lower Eocene Rhum Central complex has a core of ultra-basic rocks and gabbros which formed at a late stage in the centre’s evolution. Three major components are recognised: the Eastern LayeredExpand
Magmatism of the British Tertiary Volcanic Province
Synopsis This review concentrates on those aspects of research into the magmatism of the British Tertiary Volcanic Province (BTVP) which have seen rapid accumulation of data and changes of viewsExpand
Petrology and evolution of the Northern part of the Rhum Ultrabasic Complex
The central region of the Rhum ul-trabasic complex comprises three major sequences of olivine, and plagioclase-olivine cirulates: (i) the westerly continuation of the Eastern Layered Series; (ii) theExpand
Experimental petrology of basalts and their source rocks
This volume is concerned with the basaltic effluent from planetary interiors, and this chapter is concerned with the extent to which experimental petrology of basalts can inform us about theExpand
Gebel Dahanib, Egypt: A late Precambrian layered sill of komatiitic composition
Gebel Dahanib is a well preserved, late Precambrian layered mafic-ultramafic sill about 1.5 km thick, forming a prominent peak in the Southeastern Desert of Egypt. Dunites, harzburgites and thinExpand
The chilled margin of the Ben Buie layered gabbro, Isle of Mull
Synopsis The chilled margin is of tholeiite basalt composition, and the chondrite-normalized rare-earth element pattern is almost flat with a slight light rare-earth depletion. The composition hasExpand