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A Nate on Dynamics and Kinematics *

  title={A Nate on Dynamics and Kinematics *},
  author={Geoffrey P. Bingham},
At the Fourth International Conference on Event Perception and Action in Trieste this past summer. Karl Newell. Bruce Kay. and I had a brief discussion in which we agreed upon a need for clarification of the meaning and use of the term "dynamic." The concern was that there may be some confusion because "dynamic" is used in nontechnical parlance to denote activity or change. In this usage. "dynamic" connotes motion. However. the technical use of the term in mechanics contrasts "dynamic" with… Expand
Spooky Action at a Temporal Distance
The origins of the assumption of temporal locality are investigated, arguing that it has arisen for historical and pragmatic reasons rather than good scientific ones, then it is explained why temporal locality is in tension with relativity and some recent results which cast doubt on its validity. Expand


Task-specific devices and the perceptual bottleneck☆
An approach to the problem of organization in human action is presented and nonlinear properties of four subsystems of the human action system are described, which lead to the perceptual bottleneck. Expand
The Science of Mechanics: a Critical and Historical Account of its Development
MACH completed the first edition of “The Science of Mechanics” at Prague in 1883. An English translation (by McCormack) appeared just ten years later, and of this two further editions embodying theExpand
Matter and Motion
IN a recent article a well-known musical critic has remarked with perfect truth of musicians—and the same is undoubtedly true of other classes of intellectualists, including men of science—that a manExpand
Dynamics of mechanical systems
Books now will appear in printed and soft file collection and one of them is this book dynamics of mechanical systems, where many people sometimes have no space to bring the book for them and can't read the book wherever they want. Expand
Dynamical Systems: A Differential Geometric Approach to Symmetry and Reduction
Preface FOUNDATIONS OF MECHANICS: Introduction to Part I A Digression on Manifolds and Diffeomorphisms Construction of Q: From Observables to the Configuration Space Manifold Time and TransformationsExpand
Fundamental Physics
EXPRESS We first note that the reading on the spring scale is proportional to the weight of the salami. In all three cases (a) – (c) depicted in Fig. 5-34, the scale is not accelerating, which meansExpand
Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, and Linear Algebra
This book is about dynamical aspects of ordinary differential equations and the relations between dynamical systems and certain fields outside pure mathematics. A prominent role is played by theExpand
social workers in patient care more often. They more often disagreed with the statements that homelessness is generally due to fecklessness, that psychoanalysis is not much better than a form ofExpand
Dynamic systems and event perception : A working paper
  • Parts I - III . Perception / Action Workshop Review
  • 1987