A NOI-nanotransistor

  title={A NOI-nanotransistor},
  author={Cristian Ravariu},
  journal={CAS 2005 Proceedings. 2005 International Semiconductor Conference, 2005.},
  pages={65-68 vol. 1}
The SOI technologies become attractive in the nanodevices domain. The study is starting from a SOI nanotransistor with prominent Si-n source and drain regions and thinner p-type layer. The p-film was thinned from 10 nm up to 0.3 nm. This paper presents the last stage: the p-film is completely eliminated. Hence a nothing on insulator configuration results. Essentially, a new nanotransistor, with a vacuum cavity on insulator, placed between two SOI regions representing the source and drain, was… CONTINUE READING
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