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A N-Path Receiver With Harmonic Response Suppression

  title={A N-Path Receiver With Harmonic Response Suppression},
  author={Venkata S. Rayudu and Ki Yong Kim and R. Gharpurey},
A downconversion receiver employing a switchbased N-path filter with reduced harmonic response around the thirdand fifthLO harmonics is presented. The N-path filter is placed in a frequency-translation feedback loop that is effective at the 3rd and the 5th LO harmonics to mitigate harmonic downconversion. A pulse-width-modulated LO (PWMLO) clocking scheme is used in the feedback upconverter to reduce the noise injected around the LO harmonic at the input of N-path downconverter. The compression… Expand

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  • Xin He, H. Kundur
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • 2011 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference
  • 2011
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