A Murine Model of Dengue Virus-induced Acute Viral Encephalitis-like Disease.

  title={A Murine Model of Dengue Virus-induced Acute Viral Encephalitis-like Disease.},
  author={T. Shen and Ming-Kai Jhan and J. Kao and Min-Ru Ho and Tsung-Ting Tsai and Po-Chun Tseng and Yung-Ting Wang and Chiou-Feng Lin},
  journal={Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE},
Dengue virus (DENV), an arthropod-borne virus transmitted by mosquitoes, may cause the severe disease known as dengue hemorrhagic fever, which is characterized by lethal complications due to plasma leakage, ascites, pleural effusion, respiratory distress, severe bleeding, and organ impairment. A few cases of DENV infection present neurological manifestations; however, studies have not explored DENV-induced neuropathogenesis further. In this study, we present a protocol to use an immunocompetent… Expand
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CNS Immune Profiling in a Dengue Virus-Infected Immunocompetent Outbred ICR Mice Strain
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Repurposing the Antiemetic Metoclopramide as an Antiviral Against Dengue Virus Infection in Neuronal Cells
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