A Multisensor-Multitarget Data Association Algorithm for Heterogeneous Sensors

  title={A Multisensor-Multitarget Data Association Algorithm for Heterogeneous Sensors},
  author={Somnath Deb and Krishna R. Pattipati and Yaakov Bar-Shalom},
  journal={1992 American Control Conference},
In this paper we present an algorithm to solve the static problem of associating data from three spatially distributed heterogeneous sensors, each with a set of detections at the same time. The sensors could be active (3D or 2D radars) or passive (EO sensors measuring the azimuth and elevation angles of the source). The source of a detection can be either a real target, in which case the measurement is the true observation variable of the target plus measurement noise, or a spurious one, i.e… CONTINUE READING
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