A Multi-Space Approach to Zero-Shot Object Detection

  title={A Multi-Space Approach to Zero-Shot Object Detection},
  author={Dikshant Gupta and Aditya Anantharaman and Nehal Mamgain and S. SowmyaKamath and V. Balasubramanian and C. V. Jawahar},
  journal={2020 IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV)},
Object detection has been at the forefront for higher level vision tasks such as scene understanding and contextual reasoning. Therefore, solving object detection for a large number of visual categories is paramount. Zero-Shot Object Detection (ZSD) – where training data is not available for some of the target classes – provides semantic scalability to object detection and reduces dependence on large amount of annotations, thus enabling a large number of applications in real-life scenarios. In… Expand
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