A Mott cell hybridoma.

  title={A Mott cell hybridoma.},
  author={Siegfried Weiss and Peter D. Burrows and Jocelyn Meyer and Matthias R. Wabl},
  journal={European journal of immunology},
  volume={14 8},
A hybridoma is described that exhibits all the characteristic features of Mott cells. It has spherules (Russell bodies) in the cytoplasm made up of dilated rough endoplasmatic reticulum and containing condensed immunoglobulin (lambda 1 light chains). Some of the cells appear to be very fragile, and free spherules are often found on cell smears. Cells with the Mott cell characteristics are still able to divide, but they do not secrete immunoglobulin. Hybridomas of this kind should be useful for… CONTINUE READING

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