A Morphological Sex Difference in the Polymorphonuclear Neutrophil Leucocytes

  title={A Morphological Sex Difference in the Polymorphonuclear Neutrophil Leucocytes},
  author={William Mark Davidson and D. Robertson Smith},
  journal={British Medical Journal},
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[WITH SPECIAL PLATE] Since 1949 Barr arld his associates (Barr and Bertram, 1949; Barr et al., 1950; Moore and Barr, 1953) have been demonstrating a morphological sex difference in the nuclei of the cells of the nervous system of mammals. In a recent paper (Moore, Graham, and Barr, 1953) they extended their observation to human skin and applied the method to the determination of the genetic sex in hermaphrodites. For some time we have been considering the possibility of sex differences in the… 
Sex differentiation by leukocyte morphology.
The sex morphology of teratomas and other tumors is under study, and preliminary reports have appeared on the sex differences of the cells in scrapings of the oral mucosa.
A Sex Difference in the Chromatin Structure of the Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes
A large number of investigations have been carried out in this field based on the criteria outlined by Barr and his co-workers, finding the presence of sex-specific nuclear appendages in granulocytes of the peripheral blood.
Occurrence of Sex Chromatin in the Cells of the Blood and Bone Marrow in Man
This work has confirmed the finding of a morphological sex difference in the mature polymorphonuclear granulocytes of the human subject; these cells show a drumstick-like process which is present in 1–7 per cent of the nuclei in the female, but in less than 1 per cent in the male.
Chromosomes in Pædiatrics
The present state of knowledge of chromosomal abnormalities with particular reference to pediatrics is summarised.
Effect of Sexual Maturation and Castration on the Sex Chromatin Pattern in the Male Rat
In leukocytes the hormonal relations of the sex chromatins, especially those of the pseudo-forms are studied, because it cannot be unambiguously explained how it is possible that chromosome pairs have so many, variegated and yet nonspecific morphological equivalents.
Sex of Nuclei in Ocular Tissues *
It is now generally accepted that sections of unknown origin, as far as sex is concerned, may be accurately classified as female or male.
Identification of the human sex chromosome complement in polymorphonuclear leukocytes: a new technique.
Every sex chromosome constitution shows a specific nuclear pattern with regard to the number and size of drumsticks and F-bodies, which is of value in the screening of patients carrying sex chromosome abnormalities.
Evaluation of the peripheral blood smear test in the detection of chromosomal sex in the human.
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The nucleus of the cells of females contains a special, heavy mass of chromatin measuring about 1 micron in diameter, which is present in most female cells and only rarely is seen in male cells.
Leucocyte morphology and chromosome morphology.
The banding techniques currently employed in human cytogenetics for the identification of the individual chromosomes have been used to stain PHA lymphocytes and circulating leucocytes. The capacity
Sexing the Neutrophil Leucocytes in Natural and Artificial Blood Chimaeras
The method of neutrophil sexing is applied to the study of artificial chimaeras and used in rabbits to follow the success of marrow grafting after total-body irradiation, confirming the admixture of bloods.


  • 1953