A More Powerful Test for Comparing Two Poisson Means

  title={A More Powerful Test for Comparing Two Poisson Means},
  author={Kalimuthu Krishnamoorthy and Jessica Thomson},
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Conditional and Unconditional Tests for Comparing Several Poisson Means 3 2 The Tests
In this article, we consider the problem of testing equality of several Poisson means. Two tests, one based on the exact conditional distribution of the sample counts and another based on the
A comparative study of tests for the difference of two Poisson means
Testing the Ratio of Two Poisson Rates
Four different general approaches for testing the ratio of two Poisson rates are compared and some recommendations favoring the likelihood ratio and certain asymptotic tests are based on these simulation results.
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The problem of testing for the equality of the proportions of two independent binomial populations is covered in the literature by a very extensive research. The most popular procedures are Fisher's
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The parametric bootstrap tests and the asymptotic or approximate tests for detecting difference of two Poisson means are compared. The test statistics used are the Wald statistics with and without
Exact unconditional testing procedures for comparing two independent Poisson rates
We consider seven exact unconditional testing procedures for comparing adjusted incidence rates between two groups from a Poisson process. Exact tests are always preferable due to the guarantee of
Comparing two independent incidence rates using conditional and unconditional exact tests
  • Cong Han
  • Mathematics
    Pharmaceutical statistics
  • 2008
Several unconditional exact tests, which are constructed to control the Type I error rate at the nominal level, for comparing two independent Poisson rates are proposed and compared to the
On powerful exact nonrandomized tests for the Poisson two-sample setting
  • S. Wellek
  • Mathematics
    Statistical methods in medical research
  • 2020
It is shown how the construction of a Poisson-Boschloo type test extends to the case that interest is in establishing equivalence in the strict, two-sided sense rather than noninferiority, and compares the resulting test procedure in terms of power with the exact randomized UMPU test.
A revisit to testing the equality of several Poisson parameters
This paper has proposed a few new test procedures based on two broad adjustments, namely (i) using different 'metrics' which measure deviation of the model parameters from the null hypothesis; and (ii) using shrinkage estimators in the aforementioned 'Metrics'.


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Exact unconditional sample sizes for the 2×2 binomial trial
On utilise la methode de maximisation pour eliminer le parametre de nuisance present dans la comparaison de deux proportions
Power Computations for Designing
  • Comparative Poisson Trials,” Biometrics,
  • 1974