A Monograph of Azaleas: Rhododendron Subgenus Anthodendron

  title={A Monograph of Azaleas: Rhododendron Subgenus Anthodendron},
  author={Alfred Rehder and Ernest Henry Wilson},
Correction to: Inheritance of the narrow leaf mutation in traditional Japanese evergreen azaleas
This article has been published with an erroneous version of Table 2. Please find the correct Table 2 in this document.
Genetic Diversity of Seven Deciduous Azalea Species (Rhododendron spp. section Pentanthera) Native to the Eastern United States
Questions of genetic diversity are addressed through the use of amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) analysis and the significance of these results is discussed in relation to breeding in section Pentanthera.
The Molecular Systematics of Rhododendron (Ericaceae): A Phylogeny Based Upon RPB2 Gene Sequences
Modifications in Rhododendron classification are proposed, which consolidate minor subgenera and recognize monophyletic sub genera and sections, and group all Rhododendedron species into three large clades.


Rhododendron ? Kosterianum x Eurhododendron hybrids = Rhododendron Crouxii Rehder, comb
  • nov. Rhodazalea Crouxii
  • 1888
Andr6, PI. Terr. Bruy
  • 1917
1919), name only. Flowers not yet known. Rhododendron luteum x ponticum = Rhododendron Laetitiae
  • 1919
red." Azalea nudiflora
  • Rhododendron nudiflorum p. mirabile Sweet, I. c
  • 1830
japonicum: Rhododendron amoenum subvar. japonicum
  • Zabel in Mitteil. Deutsch. Dendr. Ges. XI
  • 1902
Moore in Florist and Pomol .
  • 1878
Atrorttbens nova
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