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A Modules and Separate Compilation facility for ALGOL 68

  title={A Modules and Separate Compilation facility for ALGOL 68},
  author={Charles H. Lindsey and Hendrik Boom},
  journal={ALGOL Bulletin},
These proposals, which have been discussed over a long period of time by the ALGOL 68 Support Sub-committee, owe their origin to the proposals of Schuman [I] and of the Cambridge compiler team [22. They have been discussed extensively at meetings of the Sub-committee and in correspondence between members of its Task Force on Modules and Separate Compilation. The authors of the present work wish to record their thanks to all those who have contributed in this way, and especially to Dr R. B. K… Expand
Modular Compilation Systems for High Level Programming Languages
This Memorandum will try to draw some conclusions from the experience gained by the different implementations of modular compilation in Algol 68 in the hope that those working on new high level languages, notably Ada, may avoid some of the problems that have befallen the implementors of AlGol 68. Expand
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Co-evolution of source code and the build system
  • B. Adams
  • Computer Science
  • 2009 IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance
  • 2009
This dissertation presents a conceptual framework with tool support to recover, analyze and refactor a build system, and hypothesizes four conceptual reasons of co-evolution to guide future research in the area of build systems. Expand
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Language design methods based on semantic principles: Algol 68, a Language Designed using Semantic Principles
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Aspects of the ALGOL 68 mode structure
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