A Modularized Charge Equalizer for an HEV Lithium-Ion Battery String

  title={A Modularized Charge Equalizer for an HEV Lithium-Ion Battery String},
  author={Hong-Sun Park and Chong-Eun Kim and Chol-Ho Kim and Gun-Woo Moon and Joong-Hui Lee},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics},
Based on the fact that a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) connects a high number of batteries in series to obtain more than approximately 300 V, this paper proposes a modularized charge equalizer for an HEV battery pack. In this paper, the overall battery string is modularized into M*N cells, where M is the number of modules in the string and N is the number of cells in each module. With this modularization, low voltage stress on the electronic devices can be achieved, which means that there is… CONTINUE READING
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