A Modular Access to (±)-Tubocurine and (±)-Curine - Formal Total Synthesis of Tubocurarine.

  title={A Modular Access to (±)-Tubocurine and (±)-Curine - Formal Total Synthesis of Tubocurarine.},
  author={Nicola Otto and Dorota Ferenc and Till Opatz},
  journal={The Journal of organic chemistry},
  volume={82 2},
Two consecutive Cu-catalyzed Ullmann-type C-O couplings permitted the first successful entry toward the curare alkaloids (±)-tubocurine and (±)-curine. Starting from vanillin, the synthetic sequence comprises 15 linear steps and includes a total of 24 transformations. In addition, the total synthesis of tubocurine represents a formal total synthesis of the famous arrow poison alkaloid tubocurarine. 
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