A Modified SRP-PHAT Functional for Robust Real-Time Sound Source Localization With Scalable Spatial Sampling

  title={A Modified SRP-PHAT Functional for Robust Real-Time Sound Source Localization With Scalable Spatial Sampling},
  author={M. Cobos and A. Marti and J. J. L{\'o}pez},
  journal={IEEE Signal Processing Letters},
  • M. Cobos, A. Marti, J. J. López
  • Published 2011
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Signal Processing Letters
  • The Steered Response Power - Phase Transform (SRP-PHAT) algorithm has been shown to be one of the most robust sound source localization approaches operating in noisy and reverberant environments. However, its practical implementation is usually based on a costly fine grid-search procedure, making the computational cost of the method a real issue. In this letter, we introduce an effective strategy that extends the conventional SRP-PHAT functional with the aim of considering the volume… CONTINUE READING
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