A Modified Procedure for Lead Staining of Thin Sections

  title={A Modified Procedure for Lead Staining of Thin Sections},
  author={Giuseppe Millonig},
  journal={The Journal of Biophysical and Biochemical Cytology},
  pages={736 - 739}
Meta l impregnat ion , or "s ta in ing ," of tissue sections for electron microscopy has become the accepted practice in recent years. Salts of metals of h igh atomic weight such as u ran ium, chromium, thor ium, lead, or tungsten, among many tested, have been found suitable (6, 1). "Lead hydroxide ," as prepar ted by Watson (6), is now widely used, hu t this solution is extremely unstable in air and becomes covered by a meta l l ic-appear ing film which imparts to the " s ta ined" section a… CONTINUE READING