A Modified Method of Information Hiding Based on Hybrid Cryptography and Steganography


Combination of cryptography and Steganography for secure communication” is an application, which combines both Cryptography methods (i.e. Encryption, decryption) and Steganography techniques to make the communication more secure. The outcome of this project is to create a cross-platform tool that can effectively hide a message (i.e. Word document) inside a image file. It is concerned with embedding information in a secure and robust manner. The proposed system depends upon preparing the image data for the next step (DCT Quantization) through steganographic process and using two levels of security: the hybrid RSA with Knapsack algorithm, A hybrid of RSA and knapsack cryptosystem can be represented as a secure system . The results that achieved from using this technique is the encrypted message which acquires a higher security and accuracy when compared with RSA and knapsack cryptosystem individually in modern communication systems to protect the information transmitted over an insecure communication channel . then storing the image in a JPEG format. In this case, the secret message will be looked as plaintext with digital signature while the cover is a coloured image. Then, the results of the algorithm are submitted to many criteria in order to be evaluated that prove the sufficiency of the algorithm and its activity. Thus, the proposed algorithm for this research can be divided into two main parts: hiding the text of the sender, and extracting it by the receiver.

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