A Modified Channel Estimation Based on SVD in LTE-Advanced Systems


MIMO-OFDM technology make full use of space and spectrum resources, it can exponentially increase the channel capacity, so it is one of the core technology of next generation mobile communication systems. In order to estimate the time domain (or frequency domain) response of MIMO-OFDM systems fast and accurately, the traditional SVD estimator is modified in this paper. To reduce the time to compute the parameters of time domain channel model and reduce the multipath effect on the channel module, we try to find the effective order of channel time domain model with reverse searching and select the auto-correlation function matrix eigenvalue of received signals. Simu-lation results show that the modified SVD estimator can improve the estimation performance effectively, its estimation perform-ance close to the LMMSE estimator and it is simpler than the LMMSE estimator, easy to implement, so it can meet the re-quirements of high performance and low delay in LTE-Advanced standard.

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