A Model for Impact and Feedback for

  title={A Model for Impact and Feedback for},
  author={Jeffrey R. Wilson and Elsa Vazquez-Arreola and (Din) Ding-Geng Chen},
  journal={Emerging Topics in Statistics and Biostatistics},


Malnutrition morbidity and mortality.
Clinical epidemiological and experimental studies of mild and moderate malnutrition and child survival suggest that children with mild to moderate malnutrition show some impairment in immunocompetence and that they also tend to have more severe infections than healthy children.
Partitioned GMM logistic regression models for longitudinal data
The Partitioned GMM methods exhibit benefits over previously proposed models with improved insight into the nonconstant relationships realized when analyzing longitudinal data, as well as analyses of obesity in Add Health, rehospitalization in Medicare data, and depression scores in a clinical study.
Joint generalized estimating equations for multivariate longitudinal binary outcomes with missing data: an application to acquired immune deficiency syndrome data
Summary.  In a large, prospective longitudinal study designed to monitor cardiac abnormalities in children born to women who are infected with the human immunodeficiency virus, instead of a single
Sociodemographic and Health Profiles of the Oldest Old In China
Unique data from a 1998 healthy longevity baseline survey provide demographic, socio-economic, and health characteristics of the oldest old, aged 80-105, in China, which are likely to need extensive social and health services.
An overview of methods for the analysis of longitudinal data.
Three approaches, marginal, transition and random effects models, are presented with emphasis on the distinct interpretations of their coefficients in the discrete data case, and generalized estimating equations for inferences about marginal models are reviewed.
Using modified approaches on marginal regression analysis of longitudinal data with time‐dependent covariates
The modified approach to QIF and CGM methods for fitting marginal models to longitudinal data with time-dependent covariates is applied to anthropometric screening data to evaluate the association between body mass index and morbidity in children in the Philippines.
GMM logistic regression models for longitudinal data with time‐dependent covariates and extended classifications
This work develops an approach that makes use of all the valid moment conditions necessary with each time-dependent and time-independent covariate, and does not assume that feedback is always present over time, or if present occur at the same degree.
Marginal regression analysis of longitudinal data with time‐dependent covariates: a generalized method‐of‐moments approach
Summary.  We develop a new approach to using estimating equations to estimate marginal regression models for longitudinal data with time‐dependent covariates. Our approach classifies time‐dependent