A Model for Hydrogen-Induced Piezoelectric Effect in InP HEMTs and GaAs PHEMTs

  title={A Model for Hydrogen-Induced Piezoelectric Effect in InP HEMTs and GaAs PHEMTs},
  author={Samuel D. Mertens and Jes{\'u}s A. del Alamo},
We have developed a model for the impact of the hydrogen-induced piezoelectric effect on the threshold voltage of InP HEMTs and GaAs PHEMTs. We have used two-dimensional (2-D) finite element simulations to calculate the mechanical stress caused by a Ti-containing metal gate that has expanded due to hydrogen absorption. This has allowed us to map the 2-D piezoelectric charge distribution in the semiconductor heterostructure. We then used a simple electrostatics model to calculate the impact of… CONTINUE READING
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