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A Model for Customer Segmentation Based On Loyalty Using Data Mining Approach and Fuzzy Concept in Iranian Bank

  title={A Model for Customer Segmentation Based On Loyalty Using Data Mining Approach and Fuzzy Concept in Iranian Bank},
  author={S. Rajeh and Fatemeh Adeli Koudehi and S. Seyedhosseini and Reza Farazmand},
Data mining is a new technique which can help researchers to discover data’s patterns and predict the future behaviors. Predicting customers’ loyalty, specifically bank customers, is a concept which has attracted more attentions recently. This study has proposed a new procedure using the indexes of RFM model with two new additional indexes joining k-means algorithm with k-optimum according to daviesbouldin index in order to estimate customers’ loyalty numbers and then classifying customers in… Expand
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telah melakukan transaksi. Bengkel XYZ dalam menjalankan bisnisnya lebih berfokus untuk menarik pelanggan baru dan belum menerapkan strategi untuk mempertahankan pelanggan. Sedangkan pada dasarnya usaha mempertahankan pelanggan membutuhkan biaya lebih murah dibandingkan dengan menarik pelanggan baru
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