A Model Case. Successful Removal of an Extra-Uterine Fætus

  title={A Model Case. Successful Removal of an Extra-Uterine F{\ae}tus},
  author={Ebony Easley},
  booktitle={Edinburgh medical journal},
the pubes. The cyst?dense, fibrous, and tough?was not adherent in front, but had contracted extensive adhesions below. The child, of good size and well preserved, was adherent intimately at all points to the cyst. Liquor amnii absorbed; placenta nearly atrophied; the cord a mere string. The child was broken up and extracted piece by piece, a tedious dissection; and the cyst cavity sponged out and cleansed with a chlorinated wash. The edges of the cyst were stitched to the abdominal wound by a… CONTINUE READING

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