A Mobile Imaging System for Medical Diagnostics


Microscopy for medical diagnostics requires expensive equipment as well as highly trained experts to operate and interpret the observed images. We present a new, easy to use, mobile diagnostic system consisting of a direct imaging microlens array and a mobile computing platform for diagnosing parasites in clinical samples. Firstly, the captured microlens images are reconstructed using a light field rendering method. Then, OpenCL accelerated classification utilizing local binary pattern features is performed. A speedup of factor 4.6 was achieved for the mobile computing platform CPU (AMD C-50) compared with the GPU (AMD 6250). The results show that a relatively inexpensive system can be used for automatically detecting eggs of the Schistosoma parasite. Furthermore, the system can be also used to diagnose other parasites and thinlayer microarray samples containing stained tumor cells.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-02895-8_20

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