A Mobile-Cloud Collaborative Traffic Lights Detector for Blind Navigation


Context-awareness is a critical aspect of safe navigation especially for the blind and visually impaired in unfamiliar environments. Existing mobile devices for context-aware navigation fall short in many cases due to their dependence on specific infrastructure requirements as well as having limited access to resources that could provide a wealth of contextual clues. In this paper, we propose a mobile-cloud collaborative approach for context-aware navigation by exploiting the computational power of resources made available by Cloud Computing providers as well as the wealth of location-specific resources available on the Internet. We propose an extensible system architecture that minimizes reliance on infrastructure, thus allowing for wide usability. We present a traffic light detector that we developed as an initial application component of the proposed system. We present preliminary results of experiments performed to test the appropriateness for the real-time nature of the application.

DOI: 10.1109/MDM.2010.71

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