A Mission Unfulfilled: Freedmen's Education in North Carolina, 1865-1870

  title={A Mission Unfulfilled: Freedmen's Education in North Carolina, 1865-1870},
  author={Michael D. Goldhaber},
  journal={The Journal of Negro History},
  pages={199 - 210}
  • M. Goldhaber
  • Published 22 September 1992
  • Education, History
  • The Journal of Negro History
"How long ought the Freedmen's Bureau be in the business of educating Freedmen? This simple question was posed to all officers of the Freedmen's Bureau in North Carolina in March 1867. Of all the responses, one stood out from the rest: The freedmen ought to be educated, answered the agent in Goldsboro, "So long as their |sic~ are freedmen to educate."(1) His answer had a certain seductive symmetry. And if the goal of the Freedmen's Bureau was to educate freedmen, then it was also the perfectly… 
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Freedmen's Bureau


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