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A Minimal Supersymmetric $\mathrm{E}_6$ Unified Theory

  title={A Minimal Supersymmetric \$\mathrm\{E\}_6\$ Unified Theory},
  author={K. Surendra Babu and Borut Bajc and Vasja Susivc},
We show explicitly that supersymmetric $E_6$ Grand Unified Theory with a Higgs sector consisting of $\{27+\bar{27}+351'+\bar{351'}+78\}$ fields provides a realistic scenario for symmetry breaking and fermion mass generation. While gauge symmetry breaking can be achieved without the $78$ field, its presence is critical for a successful doublet-triplet mass splitting. The Yukawa sector of the model consists of only two symmetric matrices describing all of quark, lepton and neutrino masses and… CONTINUE READING

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