A Mind Of One's Own: Feminist Essays On Reason And Objectivity

  title={A Mind Of One's Own: Feminist Essays On Reason And Objectivity},
  author={Louise M. Antony and Charlotte Witt},
Feminism and Aristotle's rational ideal, Marcia L. Homiak cartesian reason and gendered reason, Margaret Atherton Hume - the reflective women's epistemologist?, Annette C. Baier could it be worth thinking about Kant on sex and marriage?, Barbara Herman maleness, metaphor and the "crisis" of reason, Genevieve Lloyd one being objective and being objectified, Sally Haslanger reason and essence in the legal thought of Catharine MacKinnon, Elizabeth Rapaport though this be method, yet there is… 
Feminist Reflections on the History of Philosophy
List Of Contributors. Preface C. Witt. Acknowledgments. Feminist History Of Philosophy C. Witt. Identity And Gender In Plato K. Sampson. Schemes And Scenes Of Reading The Timaeus C. Freeland.
Feminist Thought and Rational Authority: Getting Things in Perspective
This article is about an aspect of feminist moral and political thought that tends to get obscured in central strands of contemporary feminist theory. Its thesis is that, if we are to bring the lives
Altogether Now: A Virtue-Theoretic Approach to Pluralism in Feminist Epistemology
In this paper I develop and support a feminist virtue epistemology and bring it into conversation with feminist contextual empiricism and feminist standpoint theory. The virtue theory I develop is
To Love, Honor, and Contract: Engagement and Domesticity in Kant’s Rechtslehre
Feminist accounts of sexual objectification draw on a surprising source: Immanuel Kant. Martha Nussbaum (1995), Barbara Herman (1993), and Rae Langton (2009) have persuasively argued that the account
Hume as Man of Reason and Woman’s Philosopher
Methodological feminism in philosophy—the attempt to utilize feminist insights, issues, and concerns in the pursuit of philosophical knowledge and understanding—can benefit the history of
The epistemological ties that bind : a pragmatist case asainst feminist theories of truth and knowledge and the implications for feminist science
Feminist claims that scientific activity is intimately involved with the oppression of women, often identify aspects of the epistemology of science, or scientific method, as the primary culprit. In
[encyclopedia of Philosophy] Feminist Metaphysics
Metaphysics seems to be one of the least relevant, most foreign, and downright inhospitable disciplines of philosophy in relation to feminist projects and concerns. Traditional metaphysicians have
Recent Work in Feminist Ethics*
No longer primarily a critique of mainstream moral philosophy, feminist ethics is now a mature and well-established subdiscipline within the broader field of moral philosophy. Feminist philosophers
Psychologizing Cartesian Doubt Feminist Reading Strategies and the “Unthought” of Philosophy
Recently many feminist critics of the history of philosophy have attempted to analyze the “unthought” elements residing beneath the thoughts expressed on the surface of philosophical texts. By trying
Feminist Epistemology: An Interpretation and a Defense
Feminist epistemology has often been understood as the study of feminine “ways of knowing.” But feminist epistemology is better understood as the branch of naturalized, social epistemology that