A Microcontroller-Based Remote Embedded SCADA Control System With the Aid of a 32-Bit Microcontroller

  title={A Microcontroller-Based Remote Embedded SCADA Control System With the Aid of a 32-Bit Microcontroller},
  author={M. Ghassoul and Hajer Hafedh Ebrahim and F. Yusuf},
Supervisory control and data acquisition are well established control and visualization systems in industry. SCADA systems are DCS, PLC, soft PLC, industrial computer or microcontroller based. Some of those types of control are suitable for certain industries and are not for others. DCS is suitable in process control such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry and alike. PLCs are more suitable for food industry, beverages, car industry etc. Microcontrollers are emerging as a… Expand
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