A MicroBlaze based WSN sink node using XBee transceiver

  title={A MicroBlaze based WSN sink node using XBee transceiver},
  author={Billel Bengherbia and Samir Chadli and M. Ould Zmirli and Abdelmoughni Toubal},
  journal={2016 8th International Conference on Modelling, Identification and Control (ICMIC)},
The wireless sensor network (WSN) represent a fertile area for research and exploration, especially with the enormous development in modern electronic systems, where it becomes an alternative to traditional wired systems. The wireless systems are less energy-consumptive and inexpensive, in addition, it helps to reduce the complexity of wiring. Wireless sensor networks require the design of high density computing, an energy-efficient and a flexible node architecture. In this paper, we propose an… CONTINUE READING