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A Mexican pine promoted to specific status: Pinus praetermissa.

  title={A Mexican pine promoted to specific status: Pinus praetermissa.},
  author={Brian T. Styles and Rogers Mcvaugh},
Pinus vallartensis (Pinaceae), a new species from western Jalisco, Mexico
The proposed Pinus vallartensis is distinguished mainly by its small seed cones and lax foliage and highlights the exceptional diversity of pines in Mexico and the state of Jalisco.
New insight into the morphology of the long shoots of Pinus (Pinaceae)
The primary objective of this research was to reassess all growth forms of the long shoots of pines based on field investigation on more than 100 species and propose a new classification system of vigorous, annual, fertile long shot morphotypes.
Genetic Diversity and Gene Exchange in Pinus oocarpa, a Mesoamerican Pine with Resistance to the Pitch Canker Fungus (Fusarium circinatum)
Results indicate that P. oocarpa exhibits average to above‐average levels of genetic diversity ( relative to other conifers) across its geographic range in Mesoamerica.
Assessing evolutionary relationships of pines in the Oocarpae and Australes subsections using RAPD markers
An evolutionary scenario is proposed that suggests that an ancestor of Oocarpae migrated south through Mexico and Central America, as well as east across the southern US, with the two paths converging in Florida or the Caribbean.