A Method for Making Password-Based Key Exchange Resilient to Server Compromise

  title={A Method for Making Password-Based Key Exchange Resilient to Server Compromise},
  author={C. Gentry and P. D. MacKenzie and Zulfikar Ramzan},
  • C. Gentry, P. D. MacKenzie, Zulfikar Ramzan
  • Published in CRYPTO 2006
  • Computer Science
  • This paper considers the problem of password-authenticated key exchange (PAKE) in a client-server setting, where the server authenticates using a stored password file, and it is desirable to maintain some degree of security even if the server is compromised. A PAKE scheme is said to be resilient to server compromise if an adversary who compromises the server must at least perform an offline dictionary attack to gain any advantage in impersonating a client. (Of course, offline dictionary attacks… CONTINUE READING
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