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A Metadata Schema for the Description of Language Resources (LRs)

  title={A Metadata Schema for the Description of Language Resources (LRs)},
  author={Maria Gavrilidou and Penny Labropoulou and Stelios Piperidis and Monica Monachini and Francesca Frontini and Gil Francopoulo and Victoria Arranz and Val{\'e}rie Mapelli},
  booktitle={Workshop on Language Resources@IJCNLP},
This paper presents the metadata schema for describing language resources (LRs) currently under development for the needs of META-SHARE, an open distributed facility for the exchange and sharing of LRs. An essential ingredient in its setup is the existence of formal and standardized LR descriptions, cornerstone of the interoperability layer of any such initiative. The description of LRs is granular and abstractive, combining the taxonomy of LRs with an inventory of a structured set of… 

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