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A Meta-Analysis on the Determinants of Online Review Helpfulness

  title={A Meta-Analysis on the Determinants of Online Review Helpfulness},
  author={Hong Hong and Di Xu and Dapeng Xu and G. Alan Wang and Weiguo Fan},
Online consumer reviews can help customers decrease uncertainty and risk faced in online shopping. However, information overload and conflicting comments in online reviews can get consumers confused. Therefore, it is important for both researchers and practitioners to understand the characteristics of helpful reviews. But studies examining the determinants of perceived review helpfulness produce mixed findings. We review extant research about the determinant factors of perceived helpfulness… 
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Effect of other visible reviews’ votes and personality on review helpfulness evaluation: an event-related potentials study
Few studies have investigated the mechanism underlying the connection between votes and review helpfulness. A within-subject experiment with a between-group factor of personality traits was adopted
From Ratings to Sentiment Analysis: Toward a Better Understanding of Online Reviews? The Airbnb Case [De la note au sentiment : mieux comprendre les effets des avis en ligne ? Une application à la plateforme Airbnb]
L'economie des plateformes s'appuie en grande partie sur la mise en place d'un systeme de generation de la confiance dans les relations, avec des mecanismes de notation et de reputation. Notre


The determinants of helpfulness of online reviews
The study results show that reviewer reputation, the disclosure of reviewer identity, and review depth positively affect the helpfulness of an online review, and the moderating effects of product type exist for these determinants on helpfulness.
What Drives the Helpfulness of Online Product Reviews? From Stars to Facts and Emotions
This work builds upon and extend review diagnosticity theory with concepts from marketing research and proposes a research model that includes product quality, review sentiment and review uncertainty and identifies that sentiment as well as uncertainty expressed in product reviews have an impact on review helpfulness.
Evaluating content quality and helpfulness of online product reviews: The interplay of review helpfulness vs. review content
It was found that review readability had a greater effect on the helpfulness ratio of a review than its length; in addition, extremely helpful reviews received a higher score than those considered less helpful.
Helpfulness of Online Consumer Reviews: Readers' Objectives and Review Cues
The results show that both peripheral cues, including review rating and reviewer's credibility, and central cues, such as the content of reviews, influence the helpfulness of reviews.
Exploring Heuristic cues for Consumer Perceptions of Online Reviews Helpfulness: the Case of Yelp.Com
This study specifically focuses on the effect of heuristic factors: rating deviation with existing reviews’ average rating, and peer recognitions of the reviewer including network centrality and “elite” status, which have significant impacts on consumer perceptions of review helpfulness.
Born Unequal: A Study of the Helpfulness of User-Generated Product Reviews
Online user-generated product reviews have become an indispensible tool for consumers and thus for retailers who want to attract and retain consumers. Yet, relatively little is known about what
Is This Opinion Leader's Review Useful? Peripheral Cues for Online Review Helpfulness
With the growing popularity of online user-generated reviews, research has emerged to understand the mechanism of how a review is voted helpful, focusing on the central-route influences of review
Analysis of the Perceived Value of Online Tourism Reviews: Influence of Readability and Reviewer Characteristics
Online reviews provide additional product information to reduce uncertainty. Hence, consumers often rely on online reviews to form purchase decisions. However, an explosion of online reviews brings
A concept-level approach to the analysis of online review helpfulness
This study focuses on uninvestigated factors by looking at not just the quantitative factors, but also qualitative aspects of reviewers, including review types such as the regular, comparative and suggestive reviews and reviewer helpfulness and builds a conceptual model for helpfulness prediction.
The Influences of Negativity and Review Quality on the Helpfulness of Online Reviews
It is shown that a negativity bias disappears after controlling for moderating factors related to evaluation quality such as readability and length, demonstrating that the negativity bias suggested by the social psychology literature is not readily applicable to consumer-generated online reviews.