A Meroisoprenoid, Heptenolides, and C-Benzylated Flavonoids from Sphaerocoryne gracilis ssp. gracilis

  title={A Meroisoprenoid, Heptenolides, and C-Benzylated Flavonoids from Sphaerocoryne gracilis ssp. gracilis},
  author={Gasper Maeda and Joan J E Munissi and Sofia Lindblad and Sandra Duffy and Jerry Pelletier and Vicky M. Avery and Stephen S Nyandoro and M{\'a}t{\'e} Erd{\'e}lyi},
  journal={Journal of Natural Products},
  pages={316 - 322}
A new meroisoprenoid (1), two heptenolides (2 and 3), two C-benzylated flavonoids (4 and 5), and 11 known compounds (6–16) were isolated from leaf, stem bark, and root bark extracts of Sphaerocoryne gracilis ssp. gracilis by chromatographic separation. The structures of the new metabolites 1–5 were established by NMR, IR, and UV spectroscopic and mass spectrometric data analysis. (Z)-Sphaerodiol (7), (Z)-acetylmelodorinol (8), 7-hydroxy-6-hydromelodienone (10), and dichamanetin (15) inhibited… 
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