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A Medical Information System as ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning ) for the Hospital Management

  title={A Medical Information System as ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning ) for the Hospital Management},
  author={M. Akiyama},
The concept of the system is not only a management material but also integrated management resource, correction of mistake of medical treatment, application to EBM by the data mining of medical records. As for this system, it has become to grasp medical practice and medical material, which did not understand on current electronic receipt processing system accurately. In POAS (Point Of Act system), it is saved the management information, so-called, “man, money, material, and information.” We… Expand
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Capturing and Analyzing Injection Processes with Point of Act System for Improving Quality and Productivity of Health Service Administration
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Migration of The Japanese Healthcare Enterprise from a Financial to Integrated Management: Strategy and Architecture
An integrated system communicating via CORBA middleware, consisting of an application server, endoscopy departmental server, pathology departmentalServer and wrappered legacy HIS is implemented, which provides the services needed to ensure that data is never lost and is always available, that events that occur in the hospital are always captured, and that resources are managed and tracked effectively. Expand
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