A Mechanised Proof System for Relation Algebra using Display Logic

  title={A Mechanised Proof System for Relation Algebra using Display Logic},
  author={Jeremy E. Dawson and Rajeev Gor{\'e}},
We describe an implementation of the Display Logic calculus for relation algebra as an Isabelle theory. Our implementation is the first mechanisation of any display calculus. The inference rules of Display Logic are coded directly as Isabelle theorems, thereby guaranteeing the correctness of all derivations. Our implementation generalises easily to handle other display calculi. It also provides a useful interactive proof assistant for relation algebras. We describe various tactics and… 

A New Machine-checked Proof of Strong Normalisation for Display Logic

Embedding Display Calculi into Logical Frameworks: Comparing Twelf and Isabelle

System Description: ARA - An Automatic Theorem Prover for Relation Algebras

aRa, the implementation in Haskell, offers different reduction strategies for RPC n, and a set of simplifications preserving n-variable provability, and can prove validity in the theories of simple semi-associative relation algebras, relation alagbras and representable relation alGEbras.

Machine-checked Cut-elimination for Display Logic

A new proof of cut-elimination for all display calculi which does not reply on the usual double induction on the grade and weight of a cut is presented.

A Mechanisation of Classical Modal Tense Logics Using Isabelle

  • J. DawsonR. Goré
  • Computer Science
    Australian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
  • 1998
This work presents an implementation of an interactive theorem prover for the basic tense logic K t, and many of its extensions, using the generic proof assistant Isabelle, using a Display Logic formalism of K t as opposed to a traditional Gentzen system.

Display Calculi for Nominal Tense Logics

It is shown that every -valid formula admits a cut-free derivation in Æ and that a restricted display calculus Æ, is not only complete for , but that it enjoys cut-elimination for arbitrary sequents.

Display Calculi for Logics with Relative Accessibility Relations

This work translates the knowledgelogics into polymodal logics axiomatised by primitive axioms and uses Kracht's results on properly displayable logics to define cut-free display calculi for knowledge logics.

Substructural Logics on Display

  • R. Goré
  • Philosophy, Computer Science
    Log. J. IGPL
  • 1998
A single (cut-free) Display calculus for the Bi-Lambek Calculus, from which all the well-known (bi-intuitionistic and bi-classical) extensions are obtained by the incremental addition of structural rules to a constant core of logical introduction rules.

Two Proof Systems for Peirce Algebras

Two tableaux-style proof systems for Peirce algebras are developed and compared, one is a tableau refutation proof system, the other is a proof system in the style of Rasiowa-Sikorski.



RALL: Machine-Supported Proofs for Relation Algebra

A theorem proving system for abstract relation algebra called RALL (=Relation-Algebraic Language and Logic), based on the generic theorem prover Isabelle, which is an advanced case study for Isabelle/HOL and a quite mature proof assistant for research on the relational calculus.

Formalizing a Hierarchical Structure of Practical Mathematical Reasoning

A proof paradigm which formalises a hierarchical, problem-reduction style of reasoning which is widely useful in practical reasoning, and is a goal directed paradigm, which gives a central role to equivalence transformations.

Equations and rewrite rules: a survey

Logic for Computer Science: Foundations of Automatic Theorem Proving

This advanced text for undergraduate and graduate students introduces mathematical logic with an emphasis on proof theory and procedures for algorithmic construction of formal proofs and basics of automatic theorem proving.

Transformational Hierarchical Reasoning

This paper describes window inference in terms of a sequent formulation of natural deduction, demonstrating the soundness of window inference itself and illustrating how mechanized support for window inference can be implemented using existing sequent-based theorem provers.

Cut-free Display Calculi for Relation Algebras

The calculus gives many axiomatic extensions of relation algebras by the addition of further structural rules, and appears to be the first purely prepositional Gentzen-style calculus for relation alGEbras.

The origin of relation algebras in the development and axiomatization of the calculus of relations

The calculus of relations and the theory of relation algebras are introduced and shown to be incomplete by Roger Lyndon's discovery of nonrepresentable relation alagbras.

Introduction to Isabelle

This paper describes the oldstyle theory syntax and shows how to conduct proofs using the ML top level using the Isar language and the Proof General interface, and contains valuable information that is not available elsewhere.

A sequent calculus for relation algebras

  • R. Maddux
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Ann. Pure Appl. Log.
  • 1983

On the Structure of Abstract Algebras

The following paper is a study of abstract algebras qua abstract algebras. As no vocabulary suitable for this purpose is current, I have been forced to use a number of new terms, and extend the