A Measurement of the ψ′ to J/ψ production ratio in 920 GeV proton-nucleus interactions

  title={A Measurement of the ψ′ to J/ψ production ratio in 920 GeV proton-nucleus interactions},
  author={I. Abt and M. Adams and M. Agari and H. Albrecht and A. Aleksandrov and V. Amaral and A. Amorim and S. Aplin and V. Aushev and Y. Bagaturia and V. Balagura and M. Bargiotti and O. Barsukova and J. Bastos and J. Batista and C. Bauer and T. Bauer and A. Belkov and I. Belotelov and A. Bertin and B. Bobchenko and M. Boecker and A. Bogatyrev and G. Bohm and M. Braeuer and M. Bruinsma and M. Bruschi and P. Buchholz and T. Buran and J. Carvalho and P. Conde and C. Cruse and M. Dam and K. Danielsen and M. Danilov and S. De Castro and H. Deppe and X. Dong and H. B. Dreis and V. Egorytchev and K. Ehret and F. Eisele and D. Emeliyanov and S. Essenov and L. Fabbri and P. Faccioli and M. Feuerstack-Raible and J. Flammer and B. Fominykh and M. Funcke and L. Garrido and A. Gellrich and B. Giacobbe and J. Gl{\"a}{\ss} and D. Goloubkov and Y. Golubkov and A. Golutvin and I. Golutvin and I. Gorbounov and A. Gori{\vs}ek and O. Gouchtchine and D. C. Goulart and S. Gradl and W. Gradl and F. Grimaldi and J. Groth-Jensen and Y. Guilitsky and J. Hansen and J. M. Hernandez and W. Hofmann and M. Hohlmann and T. Hott and W. Hulsbergen and U. Husemann and O. Igonkina and M. Ispiryan and T. Jagła and C. Jiang and H. Kapitza and S. Karabekyan and N. Karpenko and S. Keller and J. Kessler and F. Khasanov and Y. Kiryushin and I. Kisel and E. Klinkby and K. Knoepfle and H. Kolanoski and S. Korpar and C. Krauss and P. Kreuzer and P. Kri{\vz}an and D. Kr{\"u}cker and S. Kupper and T. Kvaratskheliia and A. Lanyov and K. Lau and B. Lewendel and T. Lohse and B. Lomonosov and R. Maenner and R. Mankel and S. Masciocchi and I. Massa and I. Matchikhilian and G. medin and M. Medinnis and M. Mevius and A. Michetti and Y. Mikhailov and R. Mizuk and R. Mureşan and M. zur Nedden and M. Negodaev and M. Noerenberg and S. Nowak and M. T. N{\'u}{\~n}ez Pardo de Vera and M. Ouchrif and F. Ould-Saada and C. Padilla and D. Peralta and R. Pernack and R. Pestotnik and B. Petersen and M. Piccinini and M. Pleier and M. Poli and V. Popov and D. Pose and S. Prystupa and V. Pugatch and Y. Pylypchenko and J. Pyrlik and K. Reeves and D. Ressing and H. Rick and I. R{\'i}u and P. Robmann and I. Rostovtseva and V. Rybnikov and F. Sanchez and A. Sbrizzi and M. Schmelling and B. Schmidt and A. Schreiner and H. Schroeder and U. Schwanke and A. J. Schwartz and A. S. Schwarz and B. Schwenninger and B. Schwingenheuer and F. Sciacca and N. Semprini-Cesari and S. Shuvalov and L. Silva and L. S{\"o}z{\"u}er and S. Solunin and A. Somov and S. Somov and J. Spengler and R. Spighi and A. Spiridonov and A. Stanovnik and M. Staric and C. Stegmann and H. Subramania and M. Symalla and I. Tikhomirov and M. Titov and I. Tsakov and U. Uwer and C. van Eldik and Y. Vassiliev and M. Villa and A. Vitale and I. Vukotic and H. Wahlberg and A. H. Walenta and M. Walter and J. Wang and D. Wegener and U. Werthenbach and H. Wolters and R. Wurth and A. Wurz and Y. Zaitsev and M. Zavertyaev and T. Zeuner and A. Zhelezov and Z. Zheng and R. Zimmermann and T. Živko and A. Zoccoli and The HERA-B Collaboration},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C},
  • I. Abt, M. Adams, +192 authors The HERA-B Collaboration
  • Published 2007
  • Physics
  • The European Physical Journal C
  • Ratios of the ψ′ over the J/ψ production cross sections in the dilepton channel for C, Ti and W targets have been measured in 920 GeV proton-nucleus interactions with the HERA-B detector at the HERA storage ring. The ψ′ and J/ψ states were reconstructed in both the μ+μ- and the e+e- decay modes. The measurements covered the kinematic range -0.35≤xF≤0.1 with transverse momentum pT≤4.5 GeV/c. The angular dependence of the ratio has been used to measure the difference of the ψ′ and J… CONTINUE READING

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    Measurement of J/ψ and ψ(2S) Prompt Double-Differential Cross Sections in pp Collisions at sqrt[s]=7 TeV.
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